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Hello Girls and welcome to your new home for motivation and success because the world needs what you have to offer so don't hold back and share your uniqueness.

I am a women empowering other women to find their true value inside so they can bring it to the world and shine with confidence.

You are not alone and together you will become a change into the world and you know what? We all need you to be great.

It doesn't matter what you do or what you dream about to be, you have the power to make that a reality and I guaranty you that many people will benefit from it included yourself.

Sometimes in the adversity we loss motivation or we lose our hope in our dreams for the lack of successful people around us who can be our models. That is the reason why I create this safe place, to motivate you through empowering movies and sharing with you the history of others successful women.

For time immemorial women have been stereotyped in the big screen or has been presented as the damsel in distress, the femme fatale or the librarian and other characters which are waiting for a savior. In my long search I learned that it is rare to find a movie that has a woman who is not only complex but it can hold its position in a society dominated by males.

The good news is I found movies that can empower you to do more and be better, here I leave some just to make you feel proud to be a woman before the end:

1.- The Color Purple (1985).
2.- Steel Magnolias (1989).

These movies has in common that women are standing for themselves or are unite to make clear the power of women sisterhood. Be real. Have fun. Be successful.

With love Gisselle!

Youtube as a form of self expression


One of the ways how people are today sharing their work with the world is using videos specially Youtube videos that they embed in their own websites or blogs. This dynamic tool help many people help, teach, inspire and inform about different topics that their viewers are looking for.

I am a visual person and I see a lot of videos through youtube I also have found tons of useful information, entertainment, spirituality and ideas for my business it is really something cool to use and to have as part of the strategy for our professional life.

In that sense I want to share with you 3 tips if you want to use videos to promote your work:

1.- Be simple. In the simplicity lay the secret of success. When you tend to complicate things then you lose focus, clarity and the real meaning of the message you want to share and spread to your audience. Plan your scripts before hand so you not only improvise in your talks. Avoid a disturbing background when filming your videos, use a white or unicolor scenario. Speak clear and direct. Pay attention to the lighting you use in the room you are filming at.

2.- Be authentic. Be yourself because that is the voice of your brand, you are the image of what you offer don't try to copycat other people just be inspired by them and adjust those ideas into your personality and charm.

3.- Be creative. When you are in your zone of sharing good content, good energy and value to your viewers is more easy to be creative in the way you transmit the information you want to. So take time to let your creativity flow, write it down and then apply it to your uniqueness manner to share what you want to.

I also want to give your 3 reason why using videos will help you positioning your work:

1.- Authority. People like to see and hear the voice of who offer them something and a video is the most easy and powerful way to achieve it.

2.- Trust. Think of a situation where you have to choose between a doctor you have never see or hear and one you have seeing and talk to before a OP. A video create immediately trust because people see and hear you and connect to your message directly.

3.- Bond. Seeing a person speak to us create a bond and make us to want more of the message the person is sharing like if it were in live.

I want to share with you an example of what I mean. This woman is very inspiring click here

Thanks for reading me xoxo Make sure to read my Top 10 Advice for you .

How Women Can Become Successful

Nowadays, women are no longer the same as women before. Women now are stronger and powerful than before. Other women have become equal with men. Women know how to stand for their rights and know when to fight when the need arises.

Women already know they have the power the same as men have. They decided to become empowering women whom people can look up to and become leaders like men. So how do women become successful and how do women motivate themselves to become successful? Here are some tips you need to know how women do it:

1. Women love to plan. Planning is what makes them know what to do during the day and plan for tomorrow. Women love to have short-term goals. The difference is that some women plan and fails to do action while others plan and take action. The successful women does both. Women plan and put their plans into action. This is her way of seeing herself in the right direction. This is where women know their capabilities.

2. Always knows the limit and never say yes all the time. Women learn how to say no at the right time. This will earn them respect and respect for others. This is where you become true to yourself. By doing this, no one can stop you from reaching your goals in life for becoming successful.

3. A woman knows that there is still a bright future ahead. A woman knows what needs to be in her priorities

4. Love and respect for parents is something one should never forget, since most women get their strength from the advice of their parents.

5. Always learn how to be grateful for the things she have and never complains to things that she does not have.

6. Learn how to move on with life and never think of things that can make you stop in achieving your goal.

7. Best of all is to do well in school and learn all you can. This is the training ground and your armor in the real world.

8. Never stop learning, learn new things everyday, as this is the key to being educated in life not only in school but also in the real world.

9. Have a happy disposition in life and never be affected with anything that comes your way. Failure is seen as success and that is where they get their strength.

10. Communication with people is important, it makes you socially aware and it can also break the stress from work. All work and no play makes a person dull and bored. If you know how to balance life then you can motivate yourself to become a successful woman.

Women are good at motivating themselves, since it is the nature of women not to stay too long in a problem or failure. But problems and failures will make women strong and move on. There are still a lot of things in the mind of women that can motivate them in becoming successful.

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