Empowering Women through films and motivating with other successful people around the world

Lets get Started

Hello Girls and welcome to your new home for motivation and success because the world needs what you have to offer so don't hold back and share your uniqueness.

I am a women empowering other women to find their true value inside so they can bring it to the world and shine with confidence.

You are not alone and together you will become a change into the world and you know what? We all need you to be great.

It doesn't matter what you do or what you dream about to be, you have the power to make that a reality and I guaranty you that many people will benefit from it included yourself.

Sometimes in the adversity we loss motivation or we lose our hope in our dreams for the lack of successful people around us who can be our models. That is the reason why I create this safe place, to motivate you through empowering movies and sharing with you the history of others successful women.

For time immemorial women have been stereotyped in the big screen or has been presented as the damsel in distress, the femme fatale or the librarian and other characters which are waiting for a savior. In my long search I learned that it is rare to find a movie that has a woman who is not only complex but it can hold its position in a society dominated by males.

The good news is I found movies that can empower you to do more and be better, here I leave some just to make you feel proud to be a woman before the end:

1.- The Color Purple (1985).
2.- Steel Magnolias (1989).

These movies has in common that women are standing for themselves or are unite to make clear the power of women sisterhood. Be real. Have fun. Be successful.

With love Gisselle!

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