How to Encourage a Woman to Create Her Own Future

It seems women have always had a difficult time moving towards their goals and destiny without men or other people shaping the world for her. Before the 1900’s, women had their decisions and life laid out for them. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that women were given almost the same rights as their opposites. In many countries, women still don’t have these equal rights. Now that North American women have been freed from the chains of having someone else plan their futures, another obstacle has been encountered. Despite having won their freedom, millions of women are reporting that they feel like changes were never made. For instance, rather than look at managing their own finances with glee, they gladly hand them over to their man. Why? Because it “feels natural”. Overcoming this obstacle isn’t difficult but it will require work and patience.

Empowerment: What Does It Mean?

Empowerment is defined as increasing the strength in one or several areas of life. These areas can include anything from spiritual strength, to economic strength. For the sake of this article we’ll define empowerment for women as a spiritually strong woman who is capable of making her own decisions in all parts of life, without feeling like she needs to refer back to or rely on her mate for answers.

Women who are empowered realize they don’t need a guy or authorities to control their lives. That person in charge is themselves. In short: A woman is in control of her own life.

How Does A Woman Become Empowered?

She Needs To Know Who She Is

A woman who is encourage to take charge of her life will know who she is deep down. Unfortunately it may take a while to dig deep down and find who she is due to some suppression. Every woman should take time getting to know who she is. Becoming acquainted with yourself isn’t just about learning who you are, it’s about learning what defines you.

She’s Always Eager to Learn

An empowered woman is never done learning. She is constantly broadening her horizons because she knows the hard work and education will pay off one day. If you can’t afford to get a basic education or college, consider getting yourself a library card. A library card is an invitation to explore the world beyond what you can physically reach. Make it a point to check a book out on a subject you know nothing about. Only then, can you increase your knowledge in the unknown. If you want to take your education a step further, consider enrolling in community classes to learn new things. Classes range from learning how to program computers, to knitting and cooking.

She Knows What She Wants

A strong woman will know what she wants in life. She’ll set goals that may challenge her but are achievable. Furthermore, she’s never afraid to reach these goals despite other people’s protests.

The Empowered Woman Is Independent

Being able to leave the comforts of home without her dependence on others or electronics defines a woman. To some she would seem brave, to others she would be comfortable in her own skin. Her independence goes a little further than that. The independent woman will not depend on a man or any other person to feel fulfilled. She is comfortable being alone as well in a social setting.

She Connects With Others

Connecting with others can strengthen anyone. By forging personal and professional relationships with others, she will surround herself with supportive people who she can always fall back onto later for support. The professional connections will enable her to seek out professional criticism on an idea/product later in the future. The personal relationships are people who make her feel at ease in her own skin.

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing or giving back to the community is a great way to build positive Karma. Giving back to the community actually kills two birds with one stone

She gains a boost in confidence
The person she’s helping will find a solution to their problem.
This gets her name out into the community.
The last one is extremely beneficial if she’s trying to make an impression on the community for business purposes.

Living the Large Life

An empowered lady isn’t afraid of dreaming up big dreams. She’ll go further by planning out how to achieve her wildest dreams. In fact, in her eyes her dreams aren’t unrealistic or dreams. They’re achievable with lots of self-discipline and patience.

Mentors Others

After finding a foot hold in life, she may feel comfortable with mentoring others who may wish to follow in her footsteps. She won’t look at this opportunity with smugness. Instead, she’ll be all too happy to share with her pupils everything she’s learned along the difficult empowerment journey. Her pupils can find their success if they follow closely and learn to trust themselves.

Recognizes When Changes May Need To Be Made

Sometimes life throws us an unexpected curve ball. The independent lady will recognize this and plan in advance. If she sets a goal and hasn’t made any progress towards it, she may sit down and determine a better route so she can achieve that goal/dream.

Realizes That Saying No Doesn’t Make Her a Bad Person

Saying no to people or opportunities can be difficult to do. However, it may be necessary as well. All too common do people especially women have a difficult time saying No. The act of saying no may inflict feelings of guilt, anger or sorrow. It is the strong women who recognize that it’s okay and reasonable to say no every now and then.

By taking the previous guidelines into account, we can lead or encourage women to improve their lives one step at a time. A woman shouldn’t feel like she is just stuck with what the cards have presented for her. An empowered woman recognizes that she is in charge of her ever evolving fate. It’s up to her to make use of this power and use it to the best of her abilities.

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