What Deck Chair to Purchase for Tanning

What Deck Chair to Purchase for Tanning

Garden furniture is becoming more and more popular. Sun loungers for tanning will allow you to relax and have a good rest in nature or at the seashore. Due to the huge variety of options and the number of materials, you should know how to choose a sunbed for tanning that perfectly fits the landscape of the house, and be convenient and practical at the same time.

Material Selection: Which is Better?

The traditional choices for the deck chairs manufacture are wood, plastic, vine, metal, wicker rattan, as well as textiles. Each of these materials varies in functionality, durability, and cost.

The main criteria for choosing are moisture resistance and low weight. These criteria are prioritized, as garden furniture is often carried over. That is why sunbeds have a folding structure. Rainfall resistance is also important. Unexpected heavy rains should not spoil the appearance of the product. Therefore, thinking about how to choose a deck chair for outdoor recreation, you should rely on the following parameters:

  • Comfort in use;
  • Pleasant design;
  • Practicality and simplicity of care.

Iron Constructions

Metal deck chairs are one of the most common types. The metal construction provides user-friendly adjustment. They can be made entirely of aluminum, or additionally equipped with an orthopedic seat. Textile or polyester is used to cover the frame — practical materials that are resistant to pollution.

Wooden Constructions

Wooden models have an attractive and aesthetic look. A special technology of processing a wooden surface ensures the stability of the frame to precipitation. The coating is reliably protected from the threat of mold and fungus. The product made of wood will be an excellent decoration in the garden.

Rattan Models

Incredibly comfortable for relaxation is a wicker deck chair that will successfully render the atmosphere of a suburban area. The only disadvantage of this product is the lack of folding function due to the wicker structure. In this regard, storage requires more space. The deckchairs made of artificial rattan are not afraid of temperature fluctuations, easy to care, but also require protection from the sun.

Plastic Models

Plastic furniture is one of the most popular among all varieties of garden furniture. Plastic deckchairs are the most practical since they are easier to care and you can store them in any conditions. They are quite lightweight and even large-sized models are quite mobile. In addition, the colors of plastic products are very diverse, which means you can choose the color you need.


If you are thinking about how to choose a deck chair for a summer cottage and don’t know which one is better, consider the features and characteristics of all types and evaluate your needs. A correctly selected, practical and convenient option will not only serve for a long time but will also become an excellent decoration of the garden and be a good choice for tanning at the seashore.

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